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Our history

With us, to make a difference.

ITAB, acronym for ITALIANA TABACCHI, was born in 2003 as part of an ambitious entrepreneurial project. Since then, we have grown constantly, becoming one of the reference Tobacco Tax Warehouses in Italy.

We have evolved over the years, transforming ourselves into an important national wholesale distributor of items for tobacconists and bars. We collaborate with major national companies and international holdings to offer our customers the best products at the best prices on the market.

Today, ITAB covers the entire national territory with a constantly expanding widespread distribution system. Our efficient team of highly qualified agents makes our experience, efficiency and professionalism available to customers. We use the most important national couriers to guarantee functional, safe and timely distribution. We are at the forefront of the industry, using modern technologies to ensure excellent customer service. Our constant dedication has positioned us as one of the leading wholesale distributors in Italy, offering thousands of products to meet the needs of different businesses.

Legal and operative site

Via Valeriana, 6 23010 Caiolo (SO) Italia
+ 400 Brands in the catalogue
2.500 m2 Warehouse
+ 12.000 Catalog items
80 Agents in the area
10.000 Clients

Our commitment

Innovation, efficiency and quality in the world of distribution

At ITAB we use advanced technological tools to guarantee an efficient sales and service process for the customer. The continuous commitment to innovation has allowed us to become one of the most important reference distributors at a national level, with a modern approach and wholesale policies that have allowed us to offer thousands of items capable of meeting the needs of different activities.

By exploring our extensive catalog you can immerse yourself in the company universe and discover the vast range of products. We stand out by ensuring access to the latest innovations on the market in Italy, maintaining high quality standards.

Yesterday as today we believed in our ideas, carried forward important projects for the future of ITAB, with the awareness that the customer is a fundamental part of our business.

Tennesie Official Italian distributor
Rog-One Distributor
Elsi Distributor

Tax deposit for electronic cigarette liquids

ITAB s.r.l. is authorized to sell tobacco substitute products (liquid inhalation products).

PURSUANT TO THE MINISTERIAL DECREE OF 29 DECEMBER 2014 Customs and Monopolies Agency authorization code n. SOPLI0003.

+ View the legislation

Fiscal deposit for papers, filters and tubes

ITAB s.r.l. is authorized to sell accessory products for smoking tobacco.

PURSUANT TO THE LAW OF 27 DECEMBER 2019 Customs and Monopolies Agency authorization code n. SOPAD0001

+ View the legislation
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